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Hazard Checklist


    Hazard Identification Check list

    At your place of staging or work, some questions you may ask:

    Physical work

    1. Can any part of the body be caught in or between objects?
    2. Is there a risk of injury from twisting or lifting?
    3. Is there a risk of tripping, slipping or falling?
    4. Does the use of any substance or tool create a hazard?
    5. Does task performance require awkward or static posture?
    6. Is there a risk of falling objects?
    7. Is there a risk of injury from pushing or pulling?
    8. Is the task tedious or repetitive?
    9. Is there extreme cold or heat present?
    10. Can any harmful contact be made with objects or substances?
    11. Are there any vapours, gases, dust, mist or fumes present?
    12. Are there any biological hazards present?
    13. Are first aid supplies maintained and inspected, and are trained first aid personnel
    14. Are any hazardous by-products being generated?
    15. Are aircraft and equipment maintenance inspections performed and repairs done on a
    timely and regular basis?
    16. Is all fire-fighting equipment serviceable and inspected regularly?
    17. Is lighting and ventilation adequate?
    18. Is noise or vibration present?
    19. Is radiation present?
    20. Is the use of excessive muscular force required to perform the task?
    21. Can any variable factors affect the safety of the task performance?
    22. Is there an emergency response plan?
    23. What other questions need to be asked, relative to your particular workplace?
    24. Have the causes as well as the symptoms of the hazard been identified?

    Landing area

    1. Are there any loose items present that may blow up and strike and damage the aircraft?
    2. Is there vehicle traffic driving close by or parked that may have items stowed in a
    truck box or trailer that may blow up and strike and damage the aircraft?
    3. Is the approach path free of hidden obstacles such as power lines, radio antennaes strung
    between buildings or other hazards?
    4. Are there any tall dead trees (leaners) that may be uprooted from the helicopters
    downwash and fall into or strike the helicopter?
    5. Is the helicopter parked a safe distance from a roadway, to prevent rocks from being
    thrown by tires or other damage?
    6. Is the helicopter parked in an area that is hidden or secure that would prevent possible
    acts of vandalism?
    7. Is the refuelling area secure from tampering, and no risk of water contamination from
    open ports, barrels or vents?

    Landing area environment

    1. Is the aircraft in a secure area to prevent damage from high winds and possible large
    objects blown into the aircarft causing damage?
    2. Are there any other aircarft landing close by that may cause large objects such as fuel
    drums or plywood from being blown into the aircraft and causing damage?
    3. Is there possible damage from hail stones or tornadoes that have been reported recently,
    during the day?
    4. During long-line or other doors off operations, is there an area which you could stow your doors to prevent damages to the door from your downwash or other aircrafts downwash, prop wash or jetblast.
    5. Are there any fire hazards such as tall dried grass in the early spring or fall that could catch fire?

    Flight Environment

    1. Is their possible flight hazards such as icing or other environmental weather, such as low
    clouds and reduced visibilities?
    2. Are all aircraft caution and warning lights functioning?
    3. Are all light objects stowed in an area that would not allow them to exit the aircraft should a window or door unintentionally open in flight?

    Numerous Hazards are at this landing site and here are some of them

    Steep descent blocks 70% of your visibilty into an approach in an unknown area
    Quick, steep descent hydraulic transparency
    Power lines
    Dust and sand to erode aircraft engines and parts
    Dust and sand to obscure your vision
    Debris such as plastic bags, cups and plastic containers, may strike your aircraft or ground personnel
    Many untrained ground personnel (Two walked backwards toward the tail)
    Ground personnel with long horizontal object possibly a flag he could have raised above his head
    Ground personnel with no safety glasses or hard hats
    Hidden areas from a cluttered area in which untrained personnel can approach your aircraft
    Hidden areas in which tarps or large light objects may blow up and strike your aircraft
    Demolition derby, carnival event and bystanders who may have heavily consumed alcohol gain entry into the helicopter landing area

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